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Workshop participants were from the natural resources management and research communities with interest and expertise in the potential effects of climate change on the aridlands of western North America.  The audience included federal, state, tribal, and local government land and resource management agencies; federal, state and local government officials; federal, state, university, and non-governmental researchers; and other partners of interest.

        >> Participants List<< (excel spreadsheet)


First Name Last Name Organization/ Agency Title
Steve Abele USFWS Fish and Wildlife Biologist
Scott Abella UNLV Assistant Research Professor
Paula Allen EPA
Dana Anat Bureau of Reclamation Environmental Protection Specialist
Marisa Anderson USFS
Anne Ardillo EPA
Thomas Armstrong DOI Senior Advisor for Climate Change
Shirley Atkinson NDOW  Supervisory Biologist 
Annalaura Averill-Murray USFWS Fish & Wildlife Biologist
Roy Averill-Murray USFWS Desert Tortoise Coordination Office Manager
Kenneth Bagstad University of Vermont Postdoctoral Associate
Cristi Baldino USFWS Fish and Wildlife Biologist
Donald Banks BLM Deputy State Director, Natural Resources
Kelly Barr USGS Geneticist
Victoria Barr BLM Field Manager
Cameron Barrows Univ of CA Rvrsd Research Ecologist
Nicholas Bechtold USFWS Habitat Restoration Coordinator
Carl Benz USFWS Assistant Field Supervisor
David Berger USGS Hydrologic Studies Chief
Michele Bilodeau BLM RECO Environmental Coordinator
Bruce Bingham NPS Intermountan Region Inventory and Monitoring Program Manager
Karen Blakney BLM Research Liaison
Lisa Blecker UNCE Research Coordinator
Steve Blecker USGS Soil Scientist
Tim Bodeen USFWS Refuge Manager
Ronald Bolander BLM Threatened/Endangered Species Coordinator
Stephen Boyte USGS Senior Scientist
David Bradford EPA
Charles Bradshaw Marstel Day Professional Staff
Jeff Bradybaugh NPS Superintendent
Heidi Brannon Solution Strategies, Inc. Director of Projects
Sue Braumiller USFWS Hydrologist
George Breit USGS Geochemist
daniel bright USGS Asst. Director, NV Water Science Center
Matt Brooks USGS Research Ecologist
James Broska USFWS
Lauren Brown BLM Restoration Ecologist
Louis Brueggeman BLM
Robert Bryson NPS Chief of Resource Management
Milind Bunyan University of Nevada Las Vegas Post Doc Scholar 
David Busch USGS Biologist
Alex Cabillo Hualapai Tribe Water Resources Program Manager
Steve Caicco USFWS Botanist
Nora Caplette BLM
Gwendolyn Carter Tribal Government Water Reources Director
Lee Case USGS Chief Scientist, Salton Sea Science Office
Deb Chaloud EPA
Jeanne Chambers USFS Research Ecologist
Allison Chaney Nevada Natural Heritage Program Biologist
Karletta Chief DRI Post-Doctoral Fellow
Kerry Christensen Hualapai Tribe Senior Scientist
Lisa Christianson BLM Environmental Protection Specialist
Patrick Christman USMC Director, MCI West G-7
Jane Cipra NPS Botanist
Gail Collins USFWS Senior Wildlife Biologist
Andrea Compton NPS Chief of Resources, Joshua Tree National Park
Sarah Craighead NPS Superintendent - Death Valley National Park
Phillip Cunningham USFWS Fish & Wildlife Biologist
Neal Darby NPS Wildlife Biologist
Catherine Darst USFWS Desert Tortoise Biologist
Jim Dastyck USFWS Wildlife Biologist
Michael Davis USFS Forest Environmental Coord
Scott Davis BLM
Marlene DePietro USFS Stratregic Planning Group Leader
Kevin Desroberts USFWS Deputy Project Leader
Nora Devoe BLM National Science Coordinator
William Dickinson NPS Superintendent
Leslie Dierauf USGS Regional Executive 
Sandra J. Dingman NPS Botanist
Janelle Downs Pacific Northwest National Lab Ecologist
Barbara Drake USFS Forest Hydrologist
Kelli Driessen NPS Climate Change Intern
Fon Duke DMG DMG DoD Coordinator 
Barbara Durham Tribal Tribal Historic Preservation Officer
Fred Edwards BLM Botanist
Robert Edwards BLM RMP Team Lead
Kelly Engle NPS Climate Friendly Parks Intern
Caroline Erickson EPA
Kathleen Erwin USFWS Deputy Assistant Field Supervisor
Todd Esque USGS Research Ecologist
Angie Evenden NPS NPS Californian CESU Research Coordinator
Susan Farkas BLM Planning and Environmental Coordinator
Andrew Ferguson NPS Superintendent
Heather Ferguson-Almeida NPS
Richard Ferrero USGS WR Deputy Director
Deborah Finch USFS  Research Wildlife Biologist
Sean Finn USGS Ecologist
Martin Fitzpatrick USGS Acting Center Director
Pat Flanagan Mojave Des Land Trst Resource Advocate
Frank Flavin University of Nevada Cooperative Extension Western Area Director
Karl Ford BLM Project Manager
Paulette Ford USFS Research Ecologist
Don Forehope Tribal Environmental Director
Joann Fraser USFWS Fish and Wildlife Biologist
Nat Frazer GBRMP Dean -   USU  College of Natural Resources
Jane Freeman BLM Special Legislation Program Manager
Kelly Fuhrmann NPS Chief of Resources Mgt, DEVA
Charles Gay Utah State University Extension Associate Vice President
Leonard J. Gaydos USGS Senior Science Advisor
Dennis Ghiglieri Sierra Club
Nancy Gilbert USFWS Field Supervisor
Richard Gill Brigham Young University Associate Professor
Kara Gillon Defenders of Wildlife Senior Staff Attorney
Mike Goddard USFWS Project Manager, Stillwater Wildlife Refuge
Caroline Goldman NGO Executive Director
Harland Goldstein USGS Geologist
Daniel Gomez USFWS Deputy Project Leader
Helen Goodteacer Tribal government Communications Specialist
Michael Green USFWS Bird Biologist
John Gross NPS Climate Change Ecologist
Scott Grunder ID Dept Fish & Game Native Specie Coordinator-Fisheries
Carolyn Grygiel North Dakota State Univ Director - Natural Resources Management Program
Tony Gutierrez Entec National Tribal Enviro Council Water Circuit Rider
James Haas USFWS Environmental Contaminants Coordinator
Maura Hahnenberger University of Utah Graduate Student, Department of Atmospheric Sciences
Susan Haig USGS Supervisory Wildlife Ecologist
Jennifer Haley NPS Chief of Visitor Services and Education
Ross Haley NPS Wildlife Biologist
Bryan Hamilton NPS
Angela Hammond EPA Student Svc Cont
Julie Hart University of Wyoming PhD student
Stacie Hathaway USGS Ecologist
Darla Heil Owens Valley Indian Wtr Comm Environmental Specialist
Noller Herbert USDA Director
Michael Herder BLM Associate District Manager
Betsy Herrmann USFWS Ecologist
John Hiatt Red Rock Audubon Society Conservation Chair
Gerald Hillier QuadState Local Gov Auth Executive Director
Josh Hoines USFWS Biologist
Russ Holder USFWS Supervisor Fish and Wildlife Biologist
Aaron Holmes Oregon St Univ/PRBO Cons Science OSU / PRBO
Chivia Horton USFWS Refuge Manager - Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge
Lief Horwitz USGS Science Program Officer
Kent Hughes OFC. Inc.
Debra Hughson NPS ScienceAdvisor, Mojave National Preserve
Jim Hurja USFS Soil Scientist
Milan J. Mitrovich, Ph.D Solution Strategies, Inc.
Jef Jaeger University of Nevada Las Vegas Assistant Research Professor
karla Jageman NPS Archaeologist
Alfreida Jake EPA Elko Band Council Environmental Coordinator
Tereza Jezkova UNLV PhD Candidate
Mel Joseph Tribal Gov't Environmental Director
Sendi Kalcic BLM Wilderness Planner
Corey Kallstrom USFWS Fish & Wildlife Biologist
Richard Kearney USFWS Assistant Regional Director, Climate Change & Science Application
Anne Kearns NPS Lands Specialist
jeffrey Keay USGS Deputy Regional Executive, Pacific Southwest Area
William Kepner EPA Research Ecologist
Kate Kitchell USGS
Lari Knochenmus USGS Deputy Director NWSC
Sonja Kokos BOR Kokos
Margaret Kolar USFWS Assistant Regional Director (ARD) of Refuges
Jeri Krueger USFWS Fish & Wildlife Biologist
Greg Kudray NPS I&M Program Manager
Kenneth Kunkel DRI Executive Director
Kirk Laird BLM Environmental and Planning Coordinator
Patarick Lambert USGS Director, USGS Utah Water Science Center
Donna Lamm Amargosa Conservancy Executive Director
Rory Lamp Nevada Dept of Wildlife Supervising Wildlife Biologist
Chris Lauver NPS Research Coordinator, Pacific Northwest CESU
Dawn Lawson NAVFAC SW Natural Resources Specialist
Daniel Lechefsky BLM Climate Change Coordinator
Connie Lee Nev Dept of Wildlife Staff Specialist-Private lands coordinator
Nika Lepak BLM Rangeland Management Specialist
zhongwei liu UNLV Postdoctoral Scholar
Ren Lohoefener USFWS Regional Director, Pacific Southwest Region
Kathleen Longshore USGS Research Wildlife Biologist
Ric Lopez EPA
Jeff Lovich USGS Research Ecologist
Joanne Lowden USFWS
Carl Lunderstadt USFWS Deputy Project Leader Stillwater Wildlife Refuge
Lisa Luptowitz S NV Water Authority Senior Environmental Planner
Jeff Mackay USFWS Wildlife Biologist
Meghan Magill BLM Hydrologist
Terry Mansfield Intrmntn West Joint Venture SWAP Coordinator
Christiana Manville USFWS Partners Program
Gayle Marrs-Smith BLM Assistant Field Manager
Cynthia Martinez USFWS Project Leader, Desert National Wildlife Refuge Complex
Marc Maynard Bureau of Reclamation Natural Resource Specialist
Pam McAlpin BLM Healthy Landscapes Coordinator
Janice McRoberts Tribal Gov't GAP Coordinator
Thomas Meixner University of Arizona Associate Professor
Douglas Merkler USDA - NRCS State Resource Soil Scientist
David Miller USGS Research Geologist
Steve Mizell DRI Associate Research Professor
Raul Molina USFWS Tractor Operator
Eugenie MontBlanc UNR Project Coordinator
Joseph Moon EPA Elko Band Council Environmental Secretary
David Moore NPS Acting Chief of Resources
James Moore The Nature Conservancy Mojave Desert Ecoregional Ecologist
Craig Moritz UC Berkeley
Hugh Morrison USFWS Assistant Regional Director - Budget Administration
Kendra Moseley USDA-NRCS State Rangeland Ecologist
Daniel Mosley Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe Environmental Specialist
Rob Mrowka Center for Biological Diversity Conservation Advocate
Pamela Nagler USGS Research Physical Scientist
Maliha Nash EPA
Larry Neel NDOW Staff Specialist
Dougl Neighbor NPS Superintendent
Kendra Neimiller Attendee Interactive
Beth Newingham University of Idaho Assistant Professor
Alice C. Newton NPS Vegetation Program Manager
Chris Nicolai USFWS Migratory Gamebird Coordinator Reg 8
Wenming Nie EPA Student Svcs Cont
Scott Nowicki UNLV
Ken Nussear USGS
Sara O'Brien Defenders of Wildlife
Katie O'Connor Friends of the Desert Mountains Desert Conservation Coordinator
Robert Ohman EPA Computer Specialist 
Amber Pairis, Ph.D. CADFG
Craig Palmer UNLV Associate Executive Director Cultural and Environmental Programs
Burton Pendelton USFS Research Ecologist
Sarah Peterson BLM Hydrologist
Stephanie Phillips USFS Deputy Forest Supervisor
Sue Phillips USGS Aridlands Research Manager, Forest & Rangeland Ecosystem Science Center
David Pilliod USGS Research Ecologist
Ryan Pitts BLM Renewable Resource Lead
Tom Plenys EPA Environmental Scientist
Robin Powell Audubon Society NV Director of Bird Conservation
David Pyke USGS Research Ecologist
William Quillman BLM Resources Branch Chief
Justin Raglin Tribal Gov't Air Quality Coordinator
Doug Ramsey Utah State University Professor
Larissa Read NPS Natural Resource Specialist
Kelly Redmond DRI Regional Climatologist - WRCC
Marith Reheis USGS Research Geologist
Danny Reinke DOD PhD
Michel Remington Imperial Irrigation District Supervisor Environmental
Richard Reynolds USGS Research Geologist
Lucas Rhea BLM
Laura Richards NDOW Chief, Wildlife Diversity Divsion
Eric Rickart Utah Mus of Natural History Curator of Vertebrates
Bruce Rittenhouse BLM SNPLMA Science
Carolyn Ronning BLM MSHCP Coordinator
Mellissa Rosenhan BLM Rangeland Management Specialist
Karen Rowe Mus of Vertebrate Zoology, UC Berkeley Postdoctoral Associate
Kevin Rowe UC Berkeley
Lawrence Rudd Nevada State College Assistant Professor of Education
Swapan Sahoo UNLV
Amy Salveter USFWS Fish & Wildlife Biologist
Curt Sauer NPS Superintendent
Amelia Savage BLM Wildlife Biologist
Debra Schlafmann USFWS Interim LCC Coordinator
Dennis Schramm NPS Superintendent, Mojave National Preserve
Carol Schuler USFWS ARD- Science Applications
Russell Scofield DOI-Desert Mngrs Group DOI Coordinator
Mackenzie Shardlow NPS/Univ of Idaho Research Associate
Frank Shipley USGS Chief Scientist, Regional Science Office, WR
Aubrey Shirk UNLV GRA-Education
Michael Shulters USGS Regional Executive, Pacific Southwest Area
Laurie Simons USFWS Biologist
Lee H. Simons USFWS Fish Biologist
Jon Sjoberg Nevada Dept of Wildlife Supervising Fisheries Biologist
Linda Slater NPS Chief of Interpretation
Brenda Smith USFWS Assistand Field Supervisor
Bryant Smith BLM Carson City Associate District Manager
DAVID SMITH USDA, NRCS State Soil Scientist, MLRA Leader
Stanley Smith UNLV Associate Vice President for Research
Verlin Smith BLM Resources Branch Chief
Mark Sogge USGS Chief of Staff
Christopher Soulard USGS Geographer/Physical Scientist
Amy Sprunger USFWS Refuge Manager
Sam St.Clair Brigham Young University Assistant Professor
Paul Steblein USFWS Project Leader
Jessie Stegmeier BLM Wildlife Biologist
Haroon Stephen UNLV Director GIS/RS Core Lab
Lisa Stillings USGS Environmental Geochemist
Marie Strassburger USFWS Regional Migratory Bird Chief
Ted Strauss USDA, NRCS
Rose Strickland Sierra Club
Alexis Suazo University of Nevada Las Vegas Research Assistant
Tom Suchanek USGS Lead Scientist and Climate Change Coordinator
Sherman Swanson UNR Extension State Range Specialist
John Swett BOR LCR MSCP Program Manager
Kristin Szabo Nv Natural Heritage Prog Biologist
Jerry Tagestad PNNL Senior Research Scientist
Melvin Tague BLM Branch Chief Renewable Resources & Planning
James Taylor The Heartland Institute Senior Fellow, Environment Policy
Kathryn Thomas USGS Ecologist
Valerie Thomas Bureau of Reclamation Manager, Environmental Compliance Group
Mariah Tilman NPS Hydrological Technician
Cris Tomlinson NDOW Wildlife Biologist
E. Jamie Trammell DRI Graduate Research Assistant
Anne Truslow National Wildlife Refuge Vice President, Strategic Programs and Development
John Tull NV Wilderness Proj Conservation Director
Gemeda Kumsa Tulu Leuphana University Lueneburg Student
Kent Turner NPS Chief, Resource Management, Lake Mead NRA
Chet Van Dellen NDOW GIS Coordinator
Amy Vandergast USGS Geneticist
miguel velasco USGS
Paul Verburg DRI Acting Executive Director
Christina Vojta USGS Deputy Director, SBSC-USGS
Jennifer Vollmer Greyskill Enterprise, LLC Weed Scientist/Consultant
Joe Wagner BLM Fire Ecologist
Darrick Weissenfluh USFWS SCEP Biologist
Selena Werdon USFWS Assistant Field Supervisor
Robin West USFWS Refuge Supervisor
Jeff White Newmont Mining Corporation Director - Environmental Stewardship
Jeb Williamson USDA GIS Specialist
John Wilson BLM Wildlife Biologist
Ben Wissinger University of Idaho
Rodney Wittenberg USFWS Assistant Refuge Manager
Robert Wolf Tierra Data Inc. Biologist
Robert Wood USAF Director, Environmental Management
Jill Wright USFWS Grants Management Specialist
Sheri Wysong BLM Planning and Environmental Coordinator
Toshi Yoshida NPS Restoration Program
Berta Youtie EOSS Restoration Ecologist
Tamara Jane Zelikova USGS Ecologist
Stephen Zitzer DRI Research Ecologist



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